Did you know that you can restart your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment?

Sometimes it can happen that your Business Central online environment get a lock on it that makes it impossible for users to really do their job in the system.

Then it is handy to know that the system administrator have the possibility to restart the system them self even if it is running within a Microsoft datacenter.

To access the restart option you need to go to the admin center and select the environment you want to restart.

Once you have found the right environment you go to sessions.

For the Sessions screen you select “Restart enviornment”

The system will show you a warning telling you that all session will be terminated and that it will take a few minutes to restart the enviornment.

After waiting for some minutes all locks are hopefully released and all your users can work as normal again.

It is good practice to warn all your users before you preform a restart of your Business Central environment so the users that are able to work normally in the system gets a change to finished what they may be in the middle of doing.

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