Document layouts for customer and vendors in Business Central

Companies that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will often have the need to define more than one recipient of business documents. Some customers may want several people to receive different types of documents or they have dedicated e-mail addresses for certain kinds of communication. The same can be the case for vendors.

To accomplish this Business Central offer us a functionality called “Document layouts”.

With the use of document layouts we can define specific reports and layouts that can be sent to a specific customer or vendor.

This gives us a great flexibility to meet specific demands from either customers or vendors for a special kind of layout for the business documents we send to them.

It also makes it easy to overcome the limitation in the customer or vendor register where we in the standard system only have one field for email.

The document layouts can be used in combination with the contact register available for both customers and vendors.

In the short video below i do a demonstration of how this can be configured for one of the customers in Business Central. The function is the same for vendors so you will find the same options if you go to the vendor card.

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