I got my Business Central license so what do i do now?

This is part 1 in the series of – “Is setting up Business Central something i can do myself?”

I assume that you already have acquired your Business Central license and that you are able to log into your Business Central tenant at https://businesscentral.dynamics.com/. If not – please read my article on how you can get your Business Central license.

Should you just jump into the software and try to get started by trail and error? Definitely not.

There are some basic information you need about your business in order to get started. Some of it is information you will be asked for during setup and some of it i information needed in order to have a setup that will actually work. So what are those things?

  • Basic information about your company like name, address, registration no., bank account information and so on.
  • If you are an existing company and already had someone do your accounting from earlier you should get a trial balance and a list of all your general ledger accounts,. If you are staring up a completely new business you should have some idea about how you want to organize your accounting. In many countries there are certain standards some of them might be recommend standards and some of them might be legal standards.
  • A list of your customers, items and vendors if you already have a running business. If you have those lists available in an electronic format it would of course be a great help.
  • If your company have a logo if is nice if you have a logo file available.

Is that really all i need? Well – almost – you also need a will to learn a lot of new things. But that is really what this blog series hopefully will help you doing.

So when you have the list completed please come back and i will hopefully have part 2 ready for you by then.

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