This is written for people that are working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or are about to start working with Business Central.

It is meant to be a tool to get you started with Business Central as fast as possible but also give you in depth insight into topics that are important for any Business Central user.

There will constantly be added new content and updates of exciting content as new versions and updates gets available for Business Central.

I started this project after Business Central 2021 Release wave 2 was announced by Microsoft so the content you find here up to date when it comes to that and later versions. But a lot of it will also apply to earlier versions of Business Central.

I am located in Norway so in a lot of my material you will see that i use screenshots and examples from the Norwegian version of Business Central. Other times i might use different localized version of the product. But most of what i write about will apply to any localized version of the product.