Reconciliation accounts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The reconciliation account feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a very useful tool for many accountants. And the feature has always been in the product. As a matter a fact the feature was present in PC-Plus the product that the people behind Navision launched in the early 1980’s that later became Navigator, Navision and now Business Central.

What this feature does is that it allows you to see the net change effect on the accounts in a general journal before the journal is posted to the G/L Entries.

I find this feature very useful especially when working with large journal or when i work journals that aim to correct transactions i have posted earlier. Journals containing correction postings can easy get complicated and it can be hard to know that you have done all your corrections correct. And this is where the reconciliation accounts can be very helpful.

You can define any G/L Account as a reconciliation account by going to the G/L Account card and enable the Reconciliation account switch.

The effect of enabling that switch becomes visible when you work with the General journals.

Here i have registered a transaction in the general journal on account 2910 Cash that is one of the accounts in my G/L accounts that i have marked as an reconciliation account.

From the journal i can now either go to Process, Reconcile or use the shortcut keys (CTRL+F11) to bring up the reconciliation window.

And as we can see that window now shows me all the accounts defined as reconciliation accounts the net change in the journal and what the balance will be on those accounts after the journal is posted.

The reconciliation information is also visible on the test report that can be printed from the journal.

I find this feature very helpful in many situation and i hope you will find it helpful to. In my experience there is also a lot of Business Central users that does not know this feature.

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