Uploading large files to Business Central using the web client

Sometimes when i work with any software i come across a challenge that i really feel that i should know the answer to but end up not being able to solve it on my own. Yesterday was one of those days. I was working on a project where i have to upload some pretty large files to Business Central.

I knew that the operational limit of uploading files to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is 350 MB. But my problem was that I was experiencing error messages with files way smaller then the 350 MB limit.

So i asked Twitter for help. And they responded. That is one of the great things about working with Business Central. There is a large community able, willing and ready to help you.

So it turned out that there is a setting in the IIS that filter out requests before they hit the Business Central server. And as default the IIS is configured to only accept files no larger that 30MB.

So if you are running Business Central or Dynamics NAV using the web client you need to make sure that both your IIS and your Business Central / Dynamics NAV service is configured correctly.

Looking further into this i came over an old blog post from Microsoft covering this topic. Even though it is old it is still relevant for both older and the newest versions of Business Central.

I am pretty sure I have been into this problem before but obviously did not remember the solution to it. Hopefully I will remember my own blog post next time i challenge this issue.

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