Inge Magne Bruvik

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Inge's background

Inge have been working with the Microsoft Dyanmics 365 Business Central product line since 1997. And even before that he worked with the product called PC-Plus. PC-Plus was the first product created by the team that originally made the product we today know as Business Central.

I am currently an employee at Cepheo Norge AS in a position as solution architect for Business Central.

I love to talk about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and are happy to share my knowledge and experience with the ever growing and amazing Business Central Community across the world.

Microsoft Dynamics Community

I am a strong beliver in sharing knowledge and experience. So I am a trying to make an effort in contributing to the Business Central and Dynamics NAV community through the official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community site. There you have the chance to get free support through all the great Dynamics forums and blog content available. 

If you want to get in touch with me – please follow me on Twitter, check out my YouTube channel or connect with me on LinkedIn.