Help to identify transactions in your Business Central general ledger accounts.

Where are my general ledger account used?

When you work with Business Central it can sometimes be hard to identify some transactions you see in your general ledger accounts. You may wonder what caused them to be posted to that specific account. And there are a lot of different setup tables where your general ledger accounts can be used. But there is help for that in with in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Show me where my general ledger accounts are used

If you go to your char of accounts there are a lot of different actions you can chose from the menu ribbon.

In my example i have a general ledger account 10920 Invoiced job sales that i want to figure out where are used in my setup so i know what kind of transactions that will hit that account. So i start by placing my cursor on the account.

Then i go to the menu ribbon and in the Account menu i have an option to select the Where-Used List.

Business Central will then take me to the View – G/L Account Where-Used List as shown below.

And here i can easily see that account 10920 is used for Job Posting Group on the line with the Job Posting Group Code of “SETTING UP” and in the field “WIP Invoiced Sales Account”.

And if i want more details about that specific setup line, then i can go to the “Show Details” view available in the menu ribbon.

I can now see the complete setup line for the “SETTING UP” code the account in question is used. I can even hover over the column to get a tool tip description telling me what this specific field in the setup is used for.
The last line in the tool tip ” Learn more” is also a link to the product documentation describing this area of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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