Is setting up Business Central something I can do myself?

If you as an end-user or system administrator can set up your Business Central environment yourself is a question that there is not an easy yes or no answer to.

For most businesses using Business Central the most common scenario is to engage with the partner you purchases the license from in order to have them help you getting started, assist you in setting up the system and migrating data to make you able to run your business in Business Central.

But if we look at where Microsoft is investing a lot these days that is in making the on-boarding to Business Central as easy and convenient as possible.

So what you at least should expect from your partner is that they can provide you with some form of rapid implementation methodology that can get you up and running pretty fast if that is suitable for you and your business.

Of course there will be Business Central implementations that are so large and complex that it will not be doable without assistance from your partner or some Business Central consultants. But even with the on-boarding tools that are available today, with the help of the Microsoft Documentation, Business Central books, blogs and functional forum available I think it will be doable for an experienced ERP system administrator to get the system up and running themself.

I want this blog post to be the start of a series of blog post that explains how you should go ahead if you want to get your Business Central implementation up and running pretty much on your own. And I will try to use a case where we look at a wholesale business and how that can be set up and getting started in Business Central online.

If there are specific scenarios you want me to cover in that blog series, please feel free to comment below or use my contact info to reach out to me.

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