Let assisted setup help you to continue with your Business Central onboarding.

After completing the initializing of your company you can let the Business Central feature “Assisted setup” help your further on the journey of setting up your first company in Business Central.

“Assisted setup” can be reached either by using the”Tell me function” accessible if you use the magnifier or by using the settings gear. Both these icons are located in the upper right corner of your Business Central screen.

The assisted setup page is a long list if setup tasks that you can chose to perform for your company. Going through some of them are not necessary unless you want to use specific functionality. Others are more of less mandatory to go through.

The next setup step i think we should continue with is the “Enter company details” step that you will find under the “Set up your company” part of the assisted setup. For each step there is also a read more link. That link will take you to the official Microsoft documentation for Business Central where you will find a relevant information about the setup you are about to go ahead with. I recommend you visit that link before you go on with the actual setup step.

Some of the setup steps might require access to an external service. So Business Central might ask you to confirm that it is ok to access these services and giving you several options for your responce.

I recommend that you check the “Allow Always” option to make sure Business Central gives you a smooth user experience for the rest of your setup.

The company setup wizard will give you this startup page:

Lets hit the next button to get started. This will display the page where we can fill in basic name and address information about our company.

The Company Name you enter here should be the official legal name of your company. The same goes for the address information. This is the name and address as it will be printed on official documents produced in Business Central.

If you have a company logo on file you can click the + sign to upload the logo file to your Business Central. There are a lot of documents that have a layout that allows for the company logo to be printed. If you do not have the logo file at hand you can also add the company logo at a later stage.

Next setup step available in this wizard is the contact details.

Here you can enter the phone number, email and home page that you want to be printed on your business documents.

The next step in the wizard is the bank details.

The information you need to enter here should be available for you from your Bank. And this bank account information will be used as default payment details on your business documents like your invoice etc.

This concludes the initial company setup.

When you click finish the system will return to the assisted setup page and you can now see that the setup steps you have performed are marked as completed.

The next setup step we will go through is the step “Fetch users from Microsoft 365”. This will give other users in your organization access to your Business Central tenant.